Yusuf Mansur moves to MIA as dozens demand accountability for alleged coal investment fraud

Where in the world is Yusuf Mansur? Dozens of investors are wondering exactly that after the famous cleric was MIA when they protested outside his home against alleged coal investment fraud.

About 30 people turned up at Mansur’s home in Cipondoh, Tangerang yesterday demanding the cleric’s alleged responsibility for his investment in a coal mine that never took off. Mansur Coal Mining Company has pooled IDR 46 billion ($3.1 million) from about 250 worshipers at Cibubur Mosque in East Jakarta, according to an investor.

“We went to see him and he fled. We don’t know where he fled to. According to the police, he is in Yemen. Another version I’ve heard is that he fled to Singapore with his family. We don’t know which is the truth,” Herry Joesoef, an investor representative, said yesterday.

Herry added that Mansur once claimed he returned the money to an investor on behalf of all the investors, but there was no evidence to support this claim.

Police said the protest was brief and peaceful as investors dispersed after learning Mansur was not at home.

Arguably one of Indonesia’s most famous Islamic preachers, 45-year-old Mansur has been the victim of several investment scandals in recent years.

In April 2022, he lost his temper in a viral video exclaiming that he was doing everything he could to find IDR 1 trillion to keep his lending platform/pyramid scheme afloat PayTren. He faces a lawsuit from PayTren employees for 20 months of unpaid wages.

His daughter, Wirda Mansur, joined the celebrities who kicked off the crypto token rush in February with the endorsement of the cleric who promised the product would overtake the moon and head “for the sky.” The token immediately plunged upon launch, with Mansur urging holders to keep praying to God.

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