online shopping platform introduces EMI on all debit and credit cards



Image Credit: Provided, one of the leading e-commerce platforms for electronics in the Middle East, has introduced a new feature called “Buy Now, Pay Later” to provide its customers with an expanded shopping experience. Now customers can buy any product through EMI on a debit card with 0% interest. Shopkees offers branded computers, laptops and accessories, mobile devices, portable devices, smart devices, TVs, monitors, printers, scanners, game consoles, cameras, digital devices. power and networking, as well as software products.

E-commerce is growing exponentially in the region and as a result, meeting customer demands is becoming more and more difficult. By offering not only innovative products but also payment methods, Shopkees intends to offer additional convenience to its customers. Customers can pay in four easy installments with zero interest. If you buy a product for 1000 AED, you only need to pay 250 AED at the beginning. And the rest of the amount can be paid in 3 subsequent installments. This means that customers don’t have to postpone buying the things they want even if they are short on cash. This simple payment system allows customers to shop without worrying about the available balance in their bank account.

A Shopkees spokesperson said that customers can now take full advantage of this offer as they no longer have to wait until they have enough money to buy their likes. They reiterated that Shopkees is committed to offering branded electronics at competitive prices to buyers with express delivery service. Shopkees is also well known for its dedicated customer support.

Shopkees serves a separate division,, specifically for corporate clients, who wholesale office supplies such as printers, cartridges, computers, spare parts, etc. With over 18 years of IT sales experience, Shopkees delivers cost-effective, quality products and services here without compromise. From this platform, corporate clients can now purchase premium quality products from well-known brands as well as special programs and discounts.

Through this separate section, Shopkees provides several valuable services such as CCTV installation and maintenance, access control system, cabling and network infrastructure solutions, cybersecurity solutions and recovery solutions. data. Thus, corporate customers no longer have to look any further for an all-inclusive business support. Shopkees also intends to improve the relationship between its customers and the company through the annual maintenance contract. Other installation services offered by the site include printer installation service, server installation, migration, and maintenance service. By also activating the telephony service, Shopkees affirmed its capacity and commitment to the tech-savvy business sector.

Today, the world is going through a period of innovation and digitization and Shopkees has also made the switch to payment. With branches throughout the Middle East, Shopkees offers international shipping to customers all over the world, so customers residing in areas where there are no Shopkees branches can also make the purchase.

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