Online Payday Loan a compendium of knowledge


Persons interested in incurring a financial commitment in both banking institutions and non-bank companies must be aware that each lender verifies the persons applying for a loan in the databases of indebted persons.

However, before choosing a potential lender, it is worth checking which debtors’ bases the company in which we want to make a commitment cooperates with. If we are debtors, we do not necessarily have to obtain only a refusal to obtain a loan from a non-bank company.

There are companies that grant loans and payday loans

Without BIK, and the offers are addressed strictly to those in debt. So how do you verify if the lender checks customers in a given debtors database? We can do this by browsing the questions and answers section, which are available on the lender’s website.

If we don’t find the answer to this question, it’s worth reading the loan agreement or the website’s regulations. Often, non-bank companies provide a model loan agreement on the home page of their website.

Payday loans without bases – are they available online?

Payday loans without bases - are they available online?

Payday loans without bases are available both online and in the stationary office. However, the fastest and most popular option is to take a payday loan without checking the bases by filling out the loan form, which is available on the lender’s website. It takes just a few minutes to complete the application. Online Payday Loan bez bases is an offer in which the lender reduces formalities to a minimum.

All you have to do is prepare your ID card and possibly a salary certificate. Everything will depend on what requirements the lender has, granting the product, which is payday basis without bases. Before choosing a non-bank company where you want to take out a loan, check the opinions of former borrowers. It is also worth looking for online payday rankings without databases prepared by financial experts.

What is BIK, i.e. the Credit Information Bureau

The Credit Information Bureau, also known as BIK, is a financial institution that is a source of credit and economic information in Poland for many companies and Poles. BIK deals with providing information on the management of credit and financial obligations of individuals and business entities.

The company has both negative and positive information. Financial institutions, before making a decision regarding the grant or rejection of an application, verify their borrowers in the bases of indebted persons, including just at the Credit Information Bureau.

Interestingly, currently over 90% of the information in BIK is positive. This means that 10% of borrowers appear in the base as indebted persons. Remember that the institution, which is the Credit Information Bureau, does not decide to grant the borrower an obligation. This decision is personally made by the company that provides financial assistance to those applying for a loan.