Look at the back of your credit cards, are they signed?


Are people still signing them?

If you take your wallet and open it, chances are you have at least one credit card, some of us have one, some of us have way too many … LOL! By the way, that’s the question, if you have at least one credit card and you use it often, look at the back of it, is there your signature on the back?

Most credit card companies tell us that one of the first things we have to do when we get a card is after it is activated, users have to sign the back of it to prevent unauthorized use. The reason we’re supposed to sign is so that any cashier can look at the back of the card and compare the signature on it to the signature on the receipt. The signatures need to match and if they do, you should be on your way.

Hope by now you’ve looked at at least one card, be honest, is it signed? I’ll start, none of my credit cards are signed on the back. NOT ONE! I don’t think a lot of people do it anymore and I think so because NOBODY CHECKS THE BACK!

When was the last time a cashier looked at the back of your card? Better yet, when was the last time a cashier asked to see your state-issued ID to confirm you’re okay, when using the credit card? This has only happened to me ONCE … NEVER! Lorin texted us: “I don’t sign my cc and I’ve never been asked for an ID, I personally think it’s a joke they never ask or verify.”

I think most of us won’t be kidding if we ever get a credit card stolen and someone gets away with billing in person with it … definitely NOT funny. I think in today’s world most of us don’t even give our cards to anyone anymore. We do the swipe and fill it ourselves, but if you do a credit card transaction in the future, notice if the cashier even looks at the back of the card.

To be safe and protect your card, Jen texted us and gave us some great advice, she said, “I’m writing” Please see ID. “Good advice, write either” SEE IT PHOTO ID “or” Please see ID “on the back of If you do this, make sure you have your driver’s license with you at all times because if you don’t, you won’t be able to charge anything.

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