Liquid Meta Hits Market As Only Institution-Focused DeFi Application Provider

A new decentralized finance company is about to debut in public markets, one that seeks to capitalize on growing institutional interest in the space. Cash Meta Capital Holdings (NEO: LIQD), a decentralized finance infrastructure and technology (DeFi) company, has just announced its listing date. Given the intense interest and meteoric growth in the industry, this is one industry that promises to be included in many wallet watches in the future.

News of Liquid Meta’s public listing was made official on December 20, when the company received final approval to list its common shares on the. Neo Stock Exchange. With the required liquidity generated by the issuance of 20,349,880 subscription receipts issued at a price of $ 1.00, CEO Jon Wiesblatt called his company’s position: “positioned to build the critical infrastructure to monetize this transition. once in a lifetime ”. Trading is scheduled to begin when the market opens on December 22, 2021 under the symbol LIQD.

At its core, Liquid Meta is building a technology-driven cash-mining company focused on the next generation of blockchain-based protocols, platforms, and applications. The main goal is to scale its operations through consistent fee generation, not necessarily by exposing yourself to the price volatility of the digital assets themselves. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as facilitating transactions on decentralized exchanges, extracting liquidity, and peer-to-peer lending. We expect the company to focus from the start on extracting cash (yield farming).

Transactional components of decentralized finance, summarized by 101 Blockchains

The appealing aspect of the DeFi space is that there is no dominant player in the industry, especially on the institutional side. Due to the fragmentation of activity across many blockchains and protocols, it has not been established to tie everything together in a workable interface. Liquid Meta has assembled a comprehensive engineering team that is building proprietary technology to access, automate, and operate over a variety of large-scale DeFi protocols and applications.

Of course, it will not be an easy task. Any platform in place must meet a host of regulatory and security protocols before institutions get started. Key attributes such as asset monitoring, performance analysis, reporting and accounting, pre-trade compliance and network security. But the business is turning in on itself to help solve these challenges quickly.

Prior to building a Rolodex of institutional partnerships, Liquid Meta intends to conduct large-scale cash-extracting operations to help prove its technology platform. Besides the hope of generating cash flow, it serves several important purposes. First of all, it will allow them to build an internal track record of success in extracting liquidity, which can be audited and verified by future partner institutions. Revenue generated from cash mining operations through the variety of protocols and applications will be reinvested to capture higher revenue growth and compound returns on mining operations.

There are few selling points that are more authoritative than a vendor deploying their own capital to validate a proof of concept model. Liquid Meta predicts that success in this area will lead to post-hoc success with institutions seeking to partner with companies with proven track records and technological expertise.

The growth of the DeFi market is fascinating

Ultimately, Liquid Meta believes that the broader trend towards digital assets is secular, and that the infrastructure to create, manage, trade, operate, consume and own digital assets is improving exponentially year on year. . It was born in the numbers, where DeFi is growing at one of the fastest rates that any the financial sector has never known.

For example, a common metric mentioned regarding the growth of DeFi is the Total Locked Value (TVL) across different protocols and applications. TVL is currently US $ 155 billion, up from less than US $ 1 billion in June 2020. This represents an overall growth increase of 11,400% in just eighteen months.

To illustrate how quickly the market is developing, we look no further than the total amount of cryptocurrency held in DeFi over the past 18 months, which has increased astronomically. Although the majority of transactions are currently retail based, it is expected that institutions will dominate transaction volumes once the appropriate frameworks are in place, as is the case today in stock markets. This is the segment of the market in which Liquid Meta seeks to excel.

And while the market has certainly exploded in 2021, some experts believe that the growth of the notional dollar will be even greater next year. Veteran crypto investor Matthew Roszak – whose net worth is around $ 1.5 billion according to Forbes – predicts DeFi may exceed $ 800 billion, implying a 9-fold increase in assets held. While it remains to be seen if this noble prediction comes true, DeFi will almost certainly be much bigger in Q4 2022 than it is today.

In the meantime, the industry’s promise of oversized returns, especially for pioneering trailblazers, has excited investors for the future. A strong debut for the retail DeFi application provider WonderFi Technologies Inc. (NEO: WNDR) (OTCMKTS: WONDF) and strong performance over the current financial year Challenge Technologies Inc. (NEO: DEFI) (OTCMKTS: DEFTF) only increased expectations. And tomorrow morning Liquid Meta Capital Holdings will have its own opportunity to make its mark.

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Key details

Exchange: NEO

Stock symbol: LIQD

Available funds: $ 23,600,830

Price of the last subscription: $ 1.00

Total Shares, Fully Diluted: 59 109 068

Founding shareholders: Locked up for 12 months; 25% released at 12 months; 25% more released at 18 months; 50% additional released at 24 months. If the 10-day VWAP is CA $ 2.25 or more at any time during trading, 25% can be unlocked.

Shell shareholders (1287413 BC Ltd.): Locked up for 6 months; 50% released at 6 months; 50% additional released at 12 months. If the 10-day VWAP is CA $ 2.25 or more at any time during trading, 50% can be unlocked.

Resulting emitter shared under option: 3,575,754

Listener: Zeifmans LLP

Management team

Jonathan Wiesblatt – CEO and Director

Nicolas del Pino – COO and director

Sendy Shorser – Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary

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