LandlordInvest CEO hails strong demand

Filip Karadaghi, chief executive of LandlordInvest, said demand from borrowers and lenders is “certainly there”, while the outlook for alternative home loans is “good”.

In an interview with European peer-to-peer lending comparison site P2PMarketData, Karadaghi (pictured) said he was positive about the future of P2P home loans.

“I think the outlook is good if the platforms do it well and if the regulator makes sure the industry is well regulated,” he said.

“The demand from borrowers and lenders is certainly there as there are few viable alternatives to asset-backed lending, which is uncorrelated with most other financial products such as stocks and bonds.”

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Karadaghi said that for over five years, LandlordInvest has delivered an average double-digit return, “which is better than most platforms in the UK”.

“We offer loans adapted to all tastes of risk; from relatively safe first-grade loans to highly leveraged second-grade loans, with broad geographic spread and diversification,” he adds.

“Our borrowers tend to be established and successful real estate investors with substantial real estate portfolios and experience. Many of our loans are refinanced by banks, dispelling the myth that P2P is a ‘lender of last resort’.

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He also confirmed that LandlordInvest has never lost investor capital, having only encountered four defaulted loans since it began operations more than five years ago. All of these loans have since been repaid in full.

“While we hope our strong experience in underwriting and collection will ensure that this is the case, there is of course never a guarantee as many factors are beyond our control,” he added. .

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