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Fri, October 14, 2022



“Life is what happens when you’re busy doing other things” is a famous quote repeated by people around the world. However, some would disagree. The world is plunging headfirst into a global recession before it has time to breathe out of the pandemic. Contrary to the adage above, living your life and planning your future are complementary.

In the interests of economic recovery, the Indonesian government has identified investment as one of the segments with the best backbone for recovery. Obligasi Negara Ritel, or Retail State Bond (ORI), is a government securities investment (SBN) product offered by the Republic of Indonesia that is safe, affordable, easy and profitable.

As the government issued the first securities after the independence of the country, a new feature has been added and the ORI022 can be traded on the secondary market to other domestic investors. The registration period opened at the beginning of the year, with the offer period starting on September 26, 2022 and continuing until October 20, 2022. ORI022 expires on October 15, 2025.

Two elements distinguish the ORI022 from other investments, in particular because it is an investment product that aims to develop the country’s infrastructure within a certain time frame. The existence of the ORI022 can therefore benefit individuals or the whole country by financing national development.

Additionally, unlike other retail savings bonds, ORI offers a fixed return on investment (ROI) of 5.95% per annum, instead of the floating rate used by other investment products. This means that the rate stays the same until maturity, so ORI022 offers a way to enjoy life without worrying about the future. The amount of return on investment is 100% guaranteed by the Indonesian government.

Coupon and principal payments until maturity are guaranteed by law and funds are provided annually by the State of Revenue and Expenditure (APBN) or the State Budget. Investors pay on a monthly basis over a term of three years until maturity, as mentioned. The fixed coupon rate, which bears a fixed rate of interest until maturity, is paid regularly, with the first coupon payment expected on December 15, 2022.

With a 10% SBN fee, individuals who choose to trade their investment can offer it at a higher price than the average deposit. It is also easy to trade, as ORI022 is liquid and can be sold over-the-counter until maturity.

To purchase ORI022, the minimum investment is set at an affordable rate of Rp 1 million, while the maximum investment is currently set at Rp 5 million. Investors must be Indonesian citizens with an ID number (NIK) and a tax identification number (NPWP). It is currently available for purchase at commercial banks, brokerage firms, specialized securities companies (APERD Fintech) and intech companies (peer-to-peer lending).

In a few simple steps, investors can order ORI022 from the BIS, as it has been appointed as one of the depositories for ORI022. Investors are required to register with a BIS Branch (KC and KCP) or BIS Priority Branch (SLP) to obtain a unique investor identification (SID) and securities account. Then they need to register with SBN Online BRI and then place their order for the ORI022. A billing code will then be generated and payment can be made through various payment channels, including cashier, ATM, internet banking and the BRImo app, within a pre-determined time.

Once payment is made, investors will receive a State Tax Transaction Number (NTPN) and an order completed notification through the payment channel used or to a registered email address.

Every investor who orders ORI022 from BRI during the offer period will also receive an exclusive direct gift. For more information, visit the dedicated ORI page on the BRI website (https:/

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