I was left over £ 1 MILLION after a Barclays mistake… almost had a heart attack and they don’t care

A mum said she “almost had a heart attack” when a bank error showed she was overdraft by £ 1 MILLION.

Kameka Smith-Barrett’s online Barclays bank showed she was overdrawn by £ 500,000 on her savings and checking accounts.


Mum was horrified to see she was overdraft of nearly £ 1millionCredit: BPM
She never even had an overdraft so was shocked


She never even had an overdraft so was shockedCredit: BPM

The mother-of-two, 30, said she didn’t even have an overdraft.

Kameka told Birmingham Live: “I almost had a heart attack. I thought ‘this is really bad.’ It’s horrible, I was shaking.

“I just had a baby and didn’t need this stress.”

Kameka, who is on maternity leave from her job as a mental health worker, explained that she alerted Barclays after noticing the blunder on November 29.

The bank launched a ten-day investigation, during which her accounts were frozen, leaving her penniless.

Kameka, who is the mother of eight and eight-month-old Jaquan Verona, said she had to borrow money from friends and family in the meantime to pay her bills and buy food.

The mother also insists that she was left in the dark and did not receive an explanation from the bank regarding the error.

She claims she was told she would be called back by a member of staff, but was not.

Kameka added, “I filed a complaint, but not having a response was crazy. They’re not saying anything. It’s very stressful.”

A Barclays spokesperson told Birmingham Live: “After reviewing the case, I can confirm that activity on the account resulted in a routine review. While that review was carried out, the accounts indicated a balance negative.

“This was done to protect the funds while the internal investigation took place. The negative account balance was not an actual debt, just a precaution.

“The customer’s credit file and financial history were not affected. As a regulated business, we are subject to certain regulatory obligations which may require us to withhold transactions or services, or sometimes to block accounts.

“We may put in place guarantees such as the above on all banking facilities at any time as detailed in the customer’s retail agreement. Unfortunately we are unable to provide additional information regarding guarantees placed on the account.

“However, I can confirm that all warranties have since been waived and funds have been returned. I understand that this has been an extremely difficult time for our client, and we are sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused.”

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