Happy Penny Ltd. The Most Trusted International Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Microcredit Company, Happy Penny Launches Hap2py as a Subsidiary in Southeast Asia to Empower People Financially

United Kingdom – October 28, 2022 – Financial freedom is very essential in the current era, the reason behind it is that purchasing power is decreasing due to global inflation which is increasing day by day. In this scenario, it is a blessing if you have better financial assistance, there are a significant number of companies that offer this type of service, but there is always a problem of the level of trust and authenticity between the customer and the service provider. Why are you trapped if Happy Penny Ltd is here to bring you the most reliable, authentic and professional peer to peer (P2P) financial lending platform.

Happy penny ltd has been providing unrivaled services for many years with continued success and growth in European countries. Happy Penny Ltd, the pioneer of the peer-to-peer (P2P) finance model in the international financial market, launches its subsidiary Hap2py in Southeast Asia with the aim of financially empowering people in the Asian region Southeast, especially Malaysia, the company chose this country because there are many trusted investors in this market, but unfortunately they are stuck in conventional financing. The objective of Hap2py peer-to-peer P2P finance in Malaysia is to provide lending service with financial ease on favorable terms.

Happy penny Ltd complaints about its services

“Using big data and digital technology, Happy Penny customers have the privilege of accessing a wide variety of P2P credit programs that enable individuals to support themselves financially across the European continent.”

The objective behind launching Hap2py as a subsidiary of Happy Penny in Southeast Asia, is to become a major financial trend in the coming years that could potentially succeed, and provide the opportunity for people and especially Malaysia corporate sector investors another option with a lot of benefits and financial freedom other than the old conventional investment system. Hap2py understands that finance plays a vital role in any business, any businessman cannot be up to the job until financial freedom is there. Therefore, Peer-to-Peer Funding Malaysia or P2P Funding Malaysia is a new breakthrough for the investment industry.

With the establishment of Hap2py, more Malaysia-based investors will be able to experience the immense advantages of the P2P funding model over the rather exploitative traditional financial institutions and embrace P2P as a primary investment. P2P or peer-to-peer meant to be the new conventional investments such as bonds, stock markets and commodities open to individual investment, the existing P2P lending programs in the region are only offered to businesses and to commercial enterprises with the aim of providing financial freedom to develop their activities.

By establishing a presence in Malaysia, Hap2py will be able to promote the P2P financing model, in which borrowers can take advantage of significantly lower interest rates than those offered by banks, to a wider audience in the region and beyond. By renting a location in Hap2py, which can connect the two parties remotely over the internet, lenders who previously wanted to connect with potential borrowers can now do so.

Happy penny Ltd has a diverse team of finance professionals with a year of experience in providing financial services, with the deep expertise and experience that Happy Penny has obtained, including 4 billion customer accounts registered in 9 countries, thousands of trusted investors who thrive in investing with Happy Penny Ltd. Happy Penny Ltd has more than 3 lacs loan applications which shows the level of trust of the customers, this is the reason which makes it one of the most trusted financial lenders in the region.

Vision of Happy Penny Ltd.

“Empower communities financially by simplifying often-sophisticated microcredit procedures, allowing greater public access.”

Your financial freedom and loan growth awaits, you are just one step on the way to becoming a financially independent person with hiring Hap2py services. There are many more opportunities to explore on the website, just visit the website and contact the team for professional assistance.

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