Gurney leads Sonoma City Council candidates in fundraising

With less than a month to go before the Nov. 8 election to fill three vacant Sonoma City Council seats, the latest campaign finance filings among the five council candidates show John Gurney has a sizable contribution advantage — outpacing the second largest fundraiser during this period by almost 34%, or $4,400.

According to campaign fundraising documents filed with the City of Sonoma, from July 1 to September 24, top fundraiser Gurney received $12,745 in total contributions, followed by Thomas Deegan, who received $8,388.46. $ of contributions.

Meanwhile, Patricia Farrar-Revis had raised $7,900.51; Ron Wellander $6,263; and Mike Nugent, $1,250.

The contribution totals of the three highest campaign fundraisers were all bolstered by loans to their campaigns from themselves, family members or businesses, with Gurney reporting $5,000 in loans from himself. same; Farrar-Revis, $6,175 from herself; and Deegan declaring $5,895.46 in loans from his wife, Kathrina Deegan, and the business, The Deegan Group.

Election law allows candidates, family, or friends to make personal campaign loans that can be repaid by outside contributions made before the election. Unlike other contributions, these candidate loans are not subject to any limits, but are subject to additional reporting, according to the Federal Election Commission.

The City of Sonoma in June raised its individual monetary contribution limit to $500; it was previously set at $100.

Gurney said the personal loans were needed because outside fundraising was behind his campaign spending schedule, which to date, he said, is about $17,000, covering the buying signs, a campaign website, photographs, brochures, survey postcards, remittance envelopes and its first mailer, which was sent out this week.

“We didn’t raise enough to cover all of these costs,” Gurney told the Index-Tribune. “I lent campaign funds to keep us going.”

Nugent, variously, does not plan to make personal loans to his campaign, but “depends on the generosity of people who love Sonoma to support my campaign.” As for campaign costs, Nugent reported $99.80 in total expenses. He said back surgery had limited how far he could ‘walk the compound’ and he would ‘assess’ his reach on social media and the mail, ‘with an eye on a strictly budget-based on our ability to get support”.

Deegan, in his Sept. 24 filing, reported $7,681.22 in expenses that he said was largely spent on “providing information to the community,” such as brochures, billboards, direct mail and digital communications.

Farrar-Revis said his expenses of $2,687.97 were for signage, solicitation cards and mailings. “I also have smaller expenses for clipboards and pencils for volunteers – and my Facebook page,” she added.

Wellander joins Nugent as one of two candidates in the race so far not to make personal campaign loans. With total contributions of $6,263, Wellander trails only Gurney in non-personal loan contributions. He said he spent the $3,939.43 of his funds “much like other candidates” on signage, a website, promotional literature and “neighborhood mixers” and “collection rallies.” of funds”, such as $641 for a campaign launch event.

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