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Eternal Capital launched the Evermore Retirement ETFCanada’s first lineup of target maturity ETFs for investors planning for retirement.

ETFs serve as one-stop solutions for investors planning for retirement.

Register on Neo Stock Exchangethe suite consists of eight ETFs with target dates increasing in five-year increments from 2025 to 2060.

Each ETF provides globally diversified exposure to equities, including equities listed in developed and emerging markets, as well as fixed income segments, including government debt, corporate bonds and asset-backed securities to mortgages and assets.

ETFs invest exclusively in highly liquid, low-cost index ETFs from third-party providers to gain exposure to the underlying asset classes.

Evermore manages each target date retirement ETF using a phased approach that gradually adjusts the asset allocation to reduce volatility as the target date approaches.

For early-stage investors, ETFs with later target dates focus on growth by allocating up to 95% of total assets to equities. ETFs become more conservative as the target date approaches, shifting to a final 50/50 allocation between equities and fixed income. Once an ETF reaches its target date, it will maintain the 50/50 allocation while paying monthly distributions to investors.

According to Evermore, ETFs are designed for investors looking to simplify their retirement investing and no longer have to decide what to buy and sell or when to rebalance their portfolios.

Myron Genyk, co-founder and CEO of Evermore Capital, said: “Until now, target date funds have only been available as higher-fee mutual funds or to select Canadians by through group RRSP plans, making it difficult for the average Canadian to easily invest for retirement.

“We wanted to close this gap and are on a mission to provide greater market accessibility, making it easier and more efficient for Canadians to invest for their retirement. We are proud to introduce Evermore Retirement ETFs to the Canadian market.

Each Evermore Retirement ETF has a management fee of 0.35% and a target management expense ratio (MER) of 0.45%.

The sequence is described below:

Evermore Retirement 2025 ETF (ERCV CN)
Evermore Retirement 2030 ETF (ERDO CN)
Evermore Retirement 2035 ETF (ERDV CN)
ETF Evermore Retirement 2040 (EREO CN)
ETF Evermore Retirement 2045 (EREV CN)
Evermore Retirement 2050 ETF (ERFO CN)
Evermore Retirement 2055 ETF (ERFV CN)
Evermore Retirement 2060 ETF (ERGO CN)

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