Copper State Credit Union chooses Zest AI to offer better loans to its members

PHOENIX and LOS ANGELES, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Copper State Credit Union, with $600 million of assets and 43,000 members in the greater Phoenix metro area, today announced its partnership with Zest AI, a leader in AI-powered software for more inclusive underwriting, to increase automation and securely approve more members for auto loans and personal.

“Our mission revolves around families and strengthening them through financial empowerment,” says Russell Lumley, Vice President of Loans of Copper State CU. “Our partnership with Zest will help us do that by providing safe, affordable credit to families who need it, relying less on traditional credit scores to make good lending decisions.”

Models built with Zest use more data and better math than legacy scores to produce more accurate risk rankings while maintaining compliance. The improved accuracy gives Copper State CU the confidence to accelerate self-determined lending, especially through digital channels, allowing its underwriters to focus on delivering high quality service. Credit unions using Zest are often able to increase auto-decision rates by five times and can safely approve 25% to 30% more loans with no added risk. Loan approvals are much more inclusive with deeper insights pulled from thousands of standard credit variables.

Copper State CU joins a growing family of credit unions turning to Zest AI for better underwriting – reaching 5.3 million total members and $76 billion in assets.

“We are honored that Copper State CU has chosen Zest to help them achieve their family empowerment goals,” said Mike deVere, CEO of Zest AI. “AI is becoming an imperative for credit unions that want to provide a better experience and enrich their communities.”

About Zest AI

Zest AI software helps lenders make better decisions and better loans, which increases revenue, reduces risk and automates compliance. Since 2009, it has made fair and transparent credit available to everyone and is today the leader in more inclusive underwriting software. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Learn more about and join us on Twitter at @Zest_AI or Zest AI Knowledge Blog.

About Copper State Credit Union

Copper State CU allows Arizona families to achieve financial prosperity. From checking to borrowing and saving, Copper State CU is giving Arizonans a smarter way to bank. Our members have access to cutting-edge financial products and services while benefiting from a dedicated local team ready to help them achieve their financial goals. To learn more about Copper State CU, visit or download our iOS and Android apps.

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