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Bami is launching a new platform where users can make the most of their digital assets.

Singapore, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bami Money Pte. At the beginning of the previous decade, a new dawn fell on the virtual web with the arrival of cryptocurrencies and their underlying architecture, blockchains. Recently, NFTs have burst onto the scene, quickly catching the attention of the general public. NFTs are one-of-a-kind crypto assets that cannot be replaced. The value of the NFT is determined by the overall scarcity of the asset.

Investors and crypto enthusiasts have been thinking about other ways to use virtual tokens, NFTs, and other assets. This is where BamiPawn Shop comes in. Bami has risen to the challenge and is dedicated to being a new easy-to-use platform that allows its users to buy, trade and mortgage digital assets.

The Bami Pawn Shop allows users to pledge NFTs for funds

Now how does it work? Bami Pawn Shop will provide its platform with a variety of handy features.

The Bami Pawn Shop is the core functionality and beating heart of the platform. It offers users a way to acquire funds using their NFTs as collateral without losing ownership. NFT holders can select their preferred loan terms, which correspond to different interest rates. Borrowers can then recover their NFTs after clearing the loan. The clearing market is the market for NFTs that have lost ownership. Secured NFTs in the pawnshop will be liquidated in case users are unable or choose not to resolve the loan. Users can find and buy liquidated NFTs at attractive prices. P2P lending is another fantastic feature that allows asset owners to get loans directly from other users on the platform. It is much more accessible than loans from traditional financial institutions. Additionally, peer-to-peer lending usually comes with very low interest rates due to the inherent competition between lenders. Bami Membership NFTs entitle users to exclusive benefits such as great interest rates, access to Launchpad and other attractive features. Bami VIP Membership is available for users who want to enjoy a ton of product and service benefits. These include preferential interest rates, NFT barter at premium prices, the ability to invest in potential projects, and much more. Bami members can also participate in exclusive programs that grant them an NFT representing their membership level.

Bami is dedicated to being an all-in-one platform with various cool features.

Bami Pawn Shop promises to be a user-friendly and intuitive platform where members can take full advantage of their virtual assets. The platform is expected to release in the first quarter of this year.

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