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Maybe you don’t have an alarm system on your car or house, but you understand their purpose. They can alert you if someone is trying to break in, show you who is ringing your doorbell, or even if you accidentally left a window open.

Alerts on your bank accounts serve a similar purpose: they can let you know if someone is trying to access your accounts, if a withdrawal or deposit is taking place, or if you have a loan repayment owed.

The difference? Unlike a home alarm system, these account alerts are usually free.

You can choose which alerts you want to set up and even how you receive notifications – by text, email, or push notification through an app on your phone.

Below are examples of the types of alerts your bank may offer through mobile and online banking:

Security alerts can notify you if someone changes your information or tries to access your online banking services.

Balance Alerts can help you avoid overdrafts, maintain minimum balances, or let you know if you have a high balance to help you identify when you might want to transfer money or invest.

Transaction alerts may notify you when deposits, checks or withdrawals are posted to your account.

Transfer alerts can notify you when significant inbound or outbound transfers are posted to your account

Ready Alerts can notify you when a payment is due, past due, has been paid or when loan activity is taking place.

ATM / Debit Card Alerts may notify you of debit card transactions and changes.

If your bank has Card Valet®, you will also be able to receive alerts on the activity of your debit and credit cards:

Location alerts inform you if your card is used internationally or outside your region

Spending limit alerts notify you if a transaction was posted above a purchase amount limit you set.

Merchant type alerts notify you if your card is being used at certain types of merchants that you select, such as gas stations or grocery stores.

Transaction type alerts let you know if your card is being used online, at ATMs or in stores.

In addition to notifications, you can also use Card Valet® to temporarily deactivate and activate your cards if you see a transaction you don’t recognize or if you accidentally leave your card behind and want to make sure it can’t. be used.

Using these types of alerts can help protect your accounts, all without having to log into mobile or online banking.


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